Supercharge your kids' math skills

NoBoxToday is known for it's loved Kids Activities in Finnish kindergartens, schools and libraries.

It's a learning method for kids that inspires their mathematical thinking through stories about great mathematicians and mathematical theories, like Euclid's Points and Lines, Ramanujan's Partitions, Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form and many more.

Kids' interest and curiosity for mathematics dramatically improve after they join our Kids Activities and use the NoBoxToday app. Some kids get so excited that they want to become mathematicians when they grow up!


What people are saying about NoBoxToday?

"When NoBoxToday teaches Laws of Form with circular blocks and other patterns,
it is teaching children to do non-numerical arithmetic before they know numerical arithmetic! The children are in a very special place because of this.

For those of us who study Laws of Form and Recursive Distinctioning we have to unlearn our abilities in arithmetic and counting to appreciate what we are doing and exploring."

Louis Kauffman

Professor of Mathematics

University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

"The students liked very much the NoBoxToday Activity and have used the app in the classroom as well. They have independently asked to use the app in class and are clearly progressing well in using it independently.


I believe that the NoBoxToday app benefits the motivation of different learners to learn mathematics. I hope that the content of the app expands farther to many more mathematicians and broader worlds of mathematics."

Anna Adams

School Teacher, 1st grades

Tehtaankatu School, Helsinki, Finland

"As a teacher my experience of NoBoxToday Activity was interesting and I would like to get the app for our Kindergarten. The kids were very interested in the whole  activity. I believe that NoBoxToday awakens kids' interest in mathematics"

Rebecca Hasenson

Head of Kindergarten

Gan Jeladim Kindergarten, Helsinki, Finland

"NoBoxToday Activity was interesting, fit for kids, educational, and inspiring. We have continued to use the app in the kindergarten and introduced it to new kids. We put the pictures of the mathematicians on the walls and we recall them on daily basis. We definitely believe that NoBoxToday helps to develop kids' inspiration and perception of mathematics."

Päivi Olkinuora and Anna-Liisa

Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Maria, Helsinki, Finland

"I was very pleased to see how easily the students learned to use the NoBoxToday app. Ease-of-use helps us teachers GREATLY in our work.

I believe that NoBoxToday helps students to see that mathematics is more than just plus and minus calculations, that math can be fun!"

Tarja Kinnunen

School Teacher, 1st grades

Töölö School, Helsinki, Finland

"NoBoxToday is really fun! I liked the stories of mathematicians and how they discovered that the earth is a ball. I learned about actual REAL mathematicians like Plato and Euclid. I like the Points and Lines game of Euclid. I like the chocolate parts game (Ramanujan and Partitions). I learned that I can use small shapes to create create large shapes and surfaces (tiling)"

Class 1A

Students, 1st grades

Töölö School, Helsinki, Finland


What the team says about NoBoxToday?

"NoBoxToday surpasses all expectations of mathematics education material"

Vadim Kulikov

PhD Mathematician

Docent at University of Helsinki

"NoBoxToday enables adults to explore kids' unbounded minds"

Moshe Klein 

PhD Mathematician

NoBoxToday Visionary

Tel Aviv University

"NoBoxToday is the best way to easily expose your kids to the world of mathematical thinkers"

Olli Pelz 

Award Winning Game Developer