What is NoBoxToday Kids Mathematics?

There are kindergartens where all of the kids are really excited about mathematics. For them mathematics is just as interesting as doing hands crafts or playing in the sandbox. Before you set your mind around the explanation of genius kids, we tell you that they are normal kids, like yours. However, the math program is special. Keep reading.

NoBoxToday Kids Mathematics is an app for iPad that activates young kid’s natural curiosity for the world of mathematics. Kids at young age have a strong attraction to numbers and geometric shapes. Mathematics could actually be though of as kid’s natural mother language. This may not be such a far fetch idea. Many scientists believe that mathematics is the natural language of the universe.

NoBoxToday is based on a pedagogic math program developed by Moshe Klein from the Tel-Aviv University. Klein’s program is a result of over 20 years of research and dialogue with kindergarten kids to understand their natural mathematical perception. The popular program has been used in 120 Israeli kindergartens where excited kids discovered mathematical concepts like Ramanujan’s Partitions, Galois’ Permutations, Euclid’s Points and Lines, and many more.

Most math apps for kids rely on conventional learning material and try to trick kids to like mathematics using imaginary funny characters and irrelevant stories. In our extensive research we found out that kids can't be tricked to like mathematics. And there is actually no need to trick them, since they naturally like the nature of mathematics. The key is to show kids where mathematics comes from, and let them discover where it goes. Simple.

The simple idea is that we inspire kids with stories of the life and discoveries of real great mathematicians and then follow to play math games to discover the mathematical concepts themselves. We are very excited of our beta-testing where most kids using NoBoxToday consistently spent up to 1 hour sessions intensively focusing on sophisticated mathematics. This is a remarkable result!

Go ahead and download NoBoxToday for iPad!