The app that surpasses all expectation of mathematics educational material

NoBoxToday app

Experience shows that creating inspiration for mathematics is one of the hardest challenges in the modern educational system. The app NoBoxToday succeeds in this challenge very well in case of it's target group, kids from 5 to 8 years old. It is hard to come up with anything that would better connect with children than storytelling. Diverging from traditional mathematics teaching methods, NoBoxToday approaches mathematics in particular through narrative. Who discovered geometry? What was going in their minds? Was there drama related to the discovery of the mathematical theory of symmetries? In addition to using storytelling, NoBoxToday takes advantage of modern educational theories such as embodied design, interactive, explorative as well as active learning.

I specifically like the "purity" of the app, the transparency of the way mathematics is brought forth. Too often mathematics is being "hidden" behind funny images and unnecessary game characters. In NoBoxToday app kids are rewarded with their sense of achievement and the joy of interacting with mathematical figures. And perhaps to the amazement of many pedagogues, it works! In NoBoxToday the stories about great mathematicians are creating context, instead of "camouflaging" mathematics.

Kids focus deeply on the app easily for one hour, which is not a usual sight for mathematics homework - speaking from 15 years of experience of teaching mathematics. If the main question is "How to inspire children to do mathematics?" then "tricking them into it" is definitely the wrong answer. The right answer is "by showing them the beauty and fascinating aspects of mathematics". This is where NoBoxToday has hit the jackpot and the results is admirable!

Vadim Kulikov

Docent / Lecturer

Aalto University