Laws of Form 50th Anniversary Conference marks 50 years of Spencer-Brown influencing leading mathema

There was an emotional moment between kindergarten kids and Spencer-Brown. Let us tell you about it.

We are living times where more and more normal kids naturally get in touch with their mathematical thinking. Kids in already 120 kindergartens learned concepts of Partitions, Permutations and of course, their favorite Laws of Form and many more.

It all started some 20 years ago when Moshe Klein realized that the missing link in kids’ math learning is the human persona, the mathematician. Kids are very curious to find out who discovered all these clever mathematical concepts? They wonder how they made the discoveries. What triggered these ideas? NoBoxToday Kids Mathematics is an app that provides the stories and playground to satisfy this kind of kids’ curiosity.

For the kindergarten kids, Spencer-Brown was a very special mathematician because he was the only one from the program that they could actually meet in person. Euclid lived some 2000 years ago, Galois 200 years ago, Ramanujan 100 years ago and so on. But Spencer-Brown was still alive.

Spencer-Brown’ 89th year birthday was very emotional when kids from an Israeli kindergarten called him to England and sang him Happy Birthday over the phone. You see, although Spencer-Brown impacted so many kindergartens through his mathematics, he never had his own kids. The emotional connection really shows in the letter below that Spencer-Brown sent to the kindergarten kids. He wished to meet and spend time teaching them mathematics. The kids continued the tradition of calling him on his birthday for the next 2 years as well. This continued relationship fulfilled a certain void in Spencer-Brows life. He died in 2016 at the age of 93 years.

A letter from Spencer-Brown to the kids in the Israeli kindergarten.

The Laws of Form 50th Anniversary Conference on August 2019 in Liverpool University marks 50 years since George Spencer-Brown’s book, Laws of Form was first published. In that space of 50 years, the book, which to many seemed to mix mathematics and mysticism, has influenced major developments in mathematics, humanities, logic, philosophy, systems theory, and sciences. Find out more about the conference here

Laws of Form has influenced, among others, the great mathematician Louis Kauffman who published articles about Laws of Form and also about Spencer-Brown's work on the four-color theorem.

George Spencer-Brown is one of the superstar mathematicians of NoBoxToday. His discovery of Laws of Form 50 years ago is kids’ favorite part of the app.

Go ahead, sit down with your kids and learn Laws of Form in NoBoxToday Kids Mathematics.

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