The Team
Moshe Klein
NoBoxToday Visionary

Moshe Klein, PhD, is a Mathematician and Teacher at Tel-Aviv University. Klein is known for his unique mathematics and science pedagogic programs reaching 1200 kindergartens. NoBoxToday is based on Dr. Klein's pedagogic program.

Vadim Kulikov
Head of NoBoxToday Activity

Vadim Kulikov, PhD, is a mathematician and a cognitive scientist affiliated currently at Aalto University, Finland. He has taught and done research also at the Universities of Helsinki and Vienna. Kulikov is also providing pedagogic design for NoBoxToday.

Olli Pelz
The Designer

Olli Pelz is an Animator and Designer, known for Co-Founding Almost Human Ltd, the company behind the hit game series Legend of Grimrock. The game is a multiple winner of the Finnish Games Awards.

Elad Avraham
The Programmer

Elad Avraham is a skillful kids' learning apps programmer with years of expertise and success in the field. He is best known for his work on the successful Tiny Hands app series for toddlers.

Jyrki Reinikka
The Marketing Legend

Jyrki Reinikka is an multiple award winning legend in the Finnish marketing field. He is best known for the commercials of Finnish tele operator DNA "Elämä on kallis, DNA on halpa" and Mac Donald's "Syökää kanaa" commercials. He is also a Lion winner of the Cannes Commercial Film Festival.